02 April 2017

A Compendium of Human Despairs

A city is where people are meeting and parting, setting promises and breaking it, building and destroying home, creating and nurturing hopes that immediately vanish in less than a breath. Joy, celebration, romance, every magnificent story that can be dreamt of, and every little happiness that a man can nervously aspire; each only awaits its own end. Tears at the birth of a new life are colliding with tears at the end of the other, celebrations very soon become irrelevant and obsolete, romances and loves fade away as inane past, desires of courageous revolution determined to be crushed in the face of the cold hard reality. A book of human failures, a collection of ruthless end of every beginning, an album of men who have lost interest in hoping and dreaming.

A city is a compendium of human despairs.

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