12 March 2022

Households Without Access to Adequate and Affordable Housing

 In 2019, 43.49% of Indonesian households did not have access to adequate and affordable housing.

The highest being in Bangka Belitung at 73.84% and the lowest was in DI Yogyakarta at 18.39%.

According to BPS projection of 2010 census, there were 68,700,700 households in Indonesia in 2019.

That means there are more than 29.8 million households in Indonesia living in inadequate housing.

With average household member 3.9 person per household in national scale, then it's equal to more than 116 million persons.

In DKI Jakarta as the Capital City, the number was 65.75% in 2019.

That means there were 1,8 million households without access to adequate and affordable housing in DKI Jakarta or equal to almost 6.7 million persons (3.8 person per household average).

Definition of Adequate and Affordable Housing is a house with access to:
  • Proper drinking water source.
  • Proper sanitation.
  • Sufficient living space (floor area >= 7.2 sqm per capita).
  • Proper roof, floor, and wall condition.



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