02 December 2017

On Overpopulation

There was this short article: Overpopulation – The Root Cause of Our Problems – Why Is It a Taboo Topic?

Overpopulation is not a taboo. We just don't talk much about it, because we only talk about overpopulation when:

  1. We consider ourselves aren't part of the unworthy of living population. It's Africa, it's India, it's poor dying people somewhere else. We are the young, healthy, wealthy, and educated gentlemen who are not part of the problem.
  2. We don't want to talk about radical and global resource redistribution, since there's a possibility that it is our very resources that will be redistributed.
  3. We are the middle class mediocre lowlife brats that doesn't see a huge population as a huge market, huge opportunity, huge profit; but instead as competitors.
  4. We have a clouded vision, blurry logic, and false assumption that with a lower population number then there will be more resources for each individual.
  5. We want to blame something but don't want to think too much.

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